The Switch

Image courtesy of vorakorn at
Image courtesy of vorakorn at

“There’s one “Live it!” switch in every brain,
It’s usually “off”, and enforces restraint,
But I’ve decided to flip it “on”,
It’s as simple as right or wrong,
Maybe it’s a phase in life,
Or heck! Maybe life IS the phase,
But in my time of struggle and strife,
Some clarity as opposed to the haze,
Sometimes ignoring shades of grey,
Keeps the pressure of decisions at bay,
Often we live between extremes,
Ignoring pain, stifling screams,
All because we’re in the “balance”,
We keep foreseeing what might happen,
But if we unleash that primal urge,
Stop struggling and just stay submerged,
Stop scripting life, act instead!
Live outside your effing head,
Stop scratching that great moral itch,
Take a chance, flip that switch.”


To the ones who love…

Recently, I stumbled upon this article about a boyfriend who wrote 365 love notes and put them in a mason jar which he gifted to his girlfriend to read, one a day… ( A lot of folks out there found it cheesy and sappy…. Call me ol’ fashioned, but I was blown by such a gesture… ESPECIALLY since they had been dating for EIGHT years and after EIGHT years, you know the puppy-love has run its course and that this is the real thing… So here’s a little ode to them….

Photo credits: Source Link
Photo credits: Source Link

“You will know that the puppy love days,
Go by in a foggy haze,
But if you ever earn my love,
Warmth and respect shall follow in place.

You know the initial push and pressure,
Gifts start becoming affection’s measure,
But if you ever earn my love,
You’ll know that THAT’s the only treasure.

You know in time gestures are cheesy,
Sticky note ‘I LUV YOU’s make you queasy,
But if you ever earn my love,
You’ll know life flows easy-breezy.

There are days that will be a challenge,
And fights and patch-ups we have to manage,
But if you ever earn my love,
Wounded hearts find the perfect bandage.

And when you’re away, I will know,
I will not pine in angst and woe,
For now that you have earned my love,
You’ll forever be my guiding light and glow…”


Photo credits: Source Link.
Photo credits: Source Link.

Mobile internet was over….
The battery was running low…
The car was out of gas…
The GPS was on the fritz…
The headphone wire was broken…

I could have walked down to the gas station…filled an empty bottle with fuel to get me somewhere….

I could have!

But the silence I heard…was delicious.


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“You won’t find me…. I exist on this plane only,
I’m here, intangible, invisible, untraceable.
Beyond, in the real world, I cease to exist,
Seek not, for even memory will turn to dust.

A zephyr carrying with it, the scent of intrigue,
And a grain of mystery, a petal of poetry…
That’s all I came to give, and that’s all that will be given,
No other promises, no other requests.

There may be no face, there may be a thousand,
Don’t wonder, don’t ponder,
Partake in the here and now!
For isn’t that, what really matters…

No, you won’t find me,
Out there, perchance we meet face to face,
You might shy away, or recoil in disgust,
Seek not, for even memory will turn to dust.”



She was at the end of her rope with him… His relentless pestering, badgering and desperation was a HUGE turn-off. She had held off long enough…been nice long enough….

She whipped around and ROARED!

“Do you HONESTLY believe that sucking up to me has ANY effect on me?!
Do you think that I am impressed by your CONSTANT pandering?!
Do you think I find your lasciviousness REMOTELY appealing?!
Do you not get the HINT?!
Do you assume that PURSUIT is getting you anywhere?!
Do you feel that someday I might just magically YIELD?!
Do you satisfy yourself with NEANDERTHAL notions of how cavemen got their women?!
Do you FANTASIZE about me feeding you grapes from a bunch?!
Does my intellect even appeal to you or do you just want ARM-CANDY?!
Do you ACTUALLY enjoy my work or does it fly beyond your grasp?!
Do you spend nights DREAMING about how we will grow old together?!
Do you picture me, lying next to you, MAKING LOVE?!
Do you JERK OFF to the notion?!
Do you presume that your INSIPID attempts at intellectual comments were mistaken for wit?!
Does my SARCASM escape you?!
Do you feed off my weakest PITYING smiles and does that fuel your day?!
Do you think laying your head at my foot elicits RESPECT for you?!
Do you not see, what a FOOL you made of me, for EVER befriending you…..!”

He had NEVER been rejected before…. Always the player…. This time, he got played.