Beauty is the Beast

As she sat and wept silent tears for a man who perhaps never gave a shit, her friend stood by, awkwardly and in awe. Not knowing how to console this inconsolable crying person, he consented to giving it a try… a sincere try.

“Please…stop crying it’s not worth it… You are so talented, amazing, beautif -“

The word got stuck in his throat at the steely piercing look he received from her just then!

” ‘Beautiful!’  Pah!” She spat.

She’d heard that enough. Enough men had wasted her because of her “beauty”. They saw nothing else.

Nothing behind a mask of pretty eye-lashes and pouty lips.

Nothing besides the small button nose and chiseled chin.

Nothing apart from a wraith like frame and willowy hair cascading down gentle, rounded shoulders.

Nothing beyond high cheekbones and soft caramel skin.


But she had had enough of that “beauty”. No, she was not going to let another person call her “beautiful”.

And she told him so, in a fiery torrent.

“Don’t call me beautiful! That’s all anyone ever sees in me! A face and nothing more! Not my heart, not my soul, not my energies. I hate it. HATE it. Why must everyone ALWAYS notice “beauty”?” she screamed out.

A long pause as she regained composure…

And then he said in his slow, warm voice…

“What made you think I was talking about your face?”

And as though, after a long bout of rain, the ray of sunshine feebly shone, a weak yet heartfelt smile lit up her tear stained face.


5 thoughts on “Beauty is the Beast

  1. Woww!! short, simple yet powerful! But look at it this way, everyone should believe how beautiful they are on the inside thats what makes the difference. Letting someone else hurt you is our fault and not theirs. Life is too short to be wasted on tears. Keep smiling and keep telling yourself there is light at the end of the tunnel. Every individual is beautiful in his/her own ways. Beauty is not the beast! beauty is a gift you are yet to see 🙂


    1. I suppose you are right, Vijay!
      There is so much for me to see, to experience and to learn….
      And many people (like you) to give me things to think about!
      Those thoughts in turn will change my views about life again and again…. Like churning butter!
      And when i look back at it all, some day on a rocking chair, in my late 60’s…. i’ll smile upon all the people who helped me through this one life journey….
      Your reply was greatly appreciated…. And i do hope i receive some more of your thoughts.


  2. Thats all there is to life isn’t it?? its a memory that we carry. The way i look at it, at every single moment, you have an option. An option to choose what to do. For example, when a couple fights, they have an option. They can either make the fight bigger or one of them can jus hug the other and say “baby, I am sorry!” (even if it is not his/her mistake). Just think about it if one sorry can put a smile and wipe a tear away, why don’t we jus say it!! (by doing jus that you convert some of your memories in to happy ones which would have other wise been sad ones)… Life is a mixture of happy memories and sad memories and its up to us decide which one to fill more and which to fill less… More than people (like me and all your other friends) helping you through this one life journey, you need to find yourself (your happy self).. its sleeping..wake it up…life is what you make of it!!! dnt let others tell you what it is… Go out there and keep smiling…bcos ur smile will make another 100 smile 🙂


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