And the years roll….

One day I’m sixteen, a teenager living it up,
The next, I am sixty, seen it all and giving up,
How the years can suddenly,
Take such a toll on me,
Drain all my energy,
Make a hollow mould of me.

It seems my mind has finally succumbed,
To internal pressures, I have come undone,
How I ever carried on so happy,
Seems like such a curious mystery,
Did I ever possess such frivolity,
Footloose and fancy free.

In mere days the mind can age decades,
The body mirrors the mind’s wreckage,
Where did all the humour go,
Left me here with a bleak tomorrow,
Can I relearn it all? Can I rehearse?
Can these years fly by in reverse?


6 thoughts on “And the years roll….

  1. but wait is there a better way!
    Do i have to dwell in this dismay,
    May be, i can make happiness my forte!
    after all life is just a play.

    That is a better ending.. don’t you think? keep smiling 🙂


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