My anti-bucket list…should anyone be interested.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

1) Never break someone’s heart (this is tough…)

2) Never get my heart broken again (this is tougher!)

3) Never read “Self-help” books… (where’s the “self” in that?!)

4) Never EVER put down ultimatums (bit of an oxymoron here… lol! but Life’s the biggest oxy and we’re the biggest morons! :D)

5) Do NOT condone bad behaviour from strangers and then complain about how you are mistreated… (this is situational…)

6) Don’t lose patience with a technologically impaired mother…. (Sigh…. this one’s gonna take a LOT of work.)

7) Don’t Ink what you don’t Think.

8)Do NOT exit the restroom without a mirror check! (girl 101 !)

9) Stay away from crowds (Brrrr….. slightly phobic of large gatherings of people in closed spaces!)

10) Do NOT NOT NOT associate memories with objects (this by far is the hardest, but i’m ‘a try!)


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