She was at the end of her rope with him… His relentless pestering, badgering and desperation was a HUGE turn-off. She had held off long enough…been nice long enough….

She whipped around and ROARED!

“Do you HONESTLY believe that sucking up to me has ANY effect on me?!
Do you think that I am impressed by your CONSTANT pandering?!
Do you think I find your lasciviousness REMOTELY appealing?!
Do you not get the HINT?!
Do you assume that PURSUIT is getting you anywhere?!
Do you feel that someday I might just magically YIELD?!
Do you satisfy yourself with NEANDERTHAL notions of how cavemen got their women?!
Do you FANTASIZE about me feeding you grapes from a bunch?!
Does my intellect even appeal to you or do you just want ARM-CANDY?!
Do you ACTUALLY enjoy my work or does it fly beyond your grasp?!
Do you spend nights DREAMING about how we will grow old together?!
Do you picture me, lying next to you, MAKING LOVE?!
Do you JERK OFF to the notion?!
Do you presume that your INSIPID attempts at intellectual comments were mistaken for wit?!
Does my SARCASM escape you?!
Do you feed off my weakest PITYING smiles and does that fuel your day?!
Do you think laying your head at my foot elicits RESPECT for you?!
Do you not see, what a FOOL you made of me, for EVER befriending you…..!”

He had NEVER been rejected before…. Always the player…. This time, he got played.


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