Image courtesy Pixabay.com. Source Link.
Image courtesy Pixabay.com. Source Link.

I AM special,
No, not some meaningful way of saying I’m deranged…
I AM special,
No, NOT because common sense and I are estranged…
I AM special,
No, not because I’ve been taught to believe so…
I AM special,
No, not because I do not feel the jabs any more…
I AM special,
Not because I thunder unhindered down my path…
I AM special,
Not because I can dish the deserving my incubating wrath…
I AM special,
Not because I have learned new ways to overcome…
I AM special,
Not because I have finally stopped to succumb…
Not because of my strength, not because of my mind,
Not because I think I’m one of a kind.
Just because I think I ought to be.
Who said the dictionary could define what “special” means to me?


The Gold Digger…

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link

He brought the wide-eyed but sure-footed girl back to his penthouse in the city. He could tell that she loved the fine life and she was awed by the wealth he had amassed…. And as the two of them “snuggled down” under blankets, in front of the gargantuan fire place, he looked deep into her eyes and asked …
“Temme me, darlin’…. are you marrying me because of all this money? Be honest now…. ”
He could feel her heart beating fast. She took her time to answer… he supposed she was trying to sound sincere as she said how much she didn’t care about the money…
But he wasn’t prepared when she said “Of COURSE I’m marrying you because of the money.”
A moment of awkward silence as he pulled on his shirt and prepared to stand up…
“But what’s wrong about that?” she quipped.
Oh how dare she! First she TELLS him she’s a gold digger and then she ASKS him what’s wrong about it.
He glared at her, unforgiving!
And she started back, unflinching…
“Yeah, you heard me. I think what you have done for yourself is amazing. You are the poster child for rags to riches and you did that all by yourself. Your business is a booming success and you expect me NOT to be attracted by that kind of drive? So yes, of course I am marrying you BECAUSE of the money… But I’m NOT marrying the money.”
A slow understanding smile spread across his tan face…
She was one complicated lady, this one! And she was a keeper.

Kinky ;)

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com.  Source Link
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link

Thinkin of you makes me stretch,
Thinkin of you makes me smile,
Thank you for scratching that itch,
That hadn’t been scratched for a while…

Parts of you phase through my mind,
Like a pulse of light past a gap,
And baby, need I ever remind,
That you light up my world like a lamp,

Thinkin of you gives me tingles,
Thinkin of you makes me blush,
The way that you play with your fingers,
GOD! what a thrill, what a rush!

Flavours are too good for you,
Honey, you taste one of a kind,
Fragrances will never describe you,
Your skin is divine, so divine!

Did I mention one redeeming quality,
That makes you stand out from the others?
Your drive, your fearsome ferocity,
When you get going, HOLY MOTHER!

Ok, I’ll stop, think you get the point,
I think you know what I’m saying,
More addictive than one thousand joints,
Baby, you’ve got me craving.



Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link.
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link.

It’s the same old story,
That never skips a generation,
A tale not of guts or glory,
But of pressure and desperation…

A young girl at a party,
Who never wanted more than fun,
Is now looking for ways to score,
Take the edge off, and get some…

Maybe she forgot,
How to be natural and sincere,
She now tries not to get caught,
Between her shame and her fear…

No stint in any rehab,
No twelve fuckin step programme,
Is gonna get her life on track,
It’s all just a scheme, a sham…

She’d read it a thousand times,
She’d seen a thousand cases,
But she never thought she’d be,
One among those thousand faces…

She saw herself slip,
An avalanche and a landslide,
What’s the point if it’s too late,
To get off that awful ride?

I heard she’s trying sobriety,
I doubt she’ll resist temptation,
It’ll just take one more party,
It never skips a generation…

Nameless but NOT Meaningless…

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link.
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com.

I’m glad there weren’t labels,
I’m glad there weren’t tags,
We loved till we were able,
And then you packed your bags…

I’m glad my heart is in one piece,
And it’s one day at a time for us,
Truth be told, this is a blessed peace,
From the bygone drama and fuss…

I’m glad this is going s.l.o.w,
And it is, what it is, in the end,
What happens next, I don’t know,
But I guarantee we’ll at least be friends…

I’m glad for this nameless adventure,
Blurred lines to sharp edges, preferred!
I would be glad to be part of your future,
But if I’m not, no love lost, no heart suffered.

Well, I’ll leave it at this now,
For fear of overstating my stand,
And go along with life somehow,
With the memory of that last kiss on my hand…

Mystery Makers…

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link.
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com. Source Link.

Mystery, smoke and mirrors, the lady in the silvery dress flowing like mercury in the fog, against the moonlight, riding away on a black steed…
The wisp of auburn hair around the corner of the lockers in the hallway, and when you look, its owner is gone!
The girl you met online who is always not-too-busy yet not-too-free to reply every three days… what could she be up to?
The secret admirer who sends me roses… is he for real? What does he do? What glamour what drama!
But when the veils are lifted, all that fog vanishes and the mystery is over.
The lady in the dress on a horse is probably a stunt double in a Taylor Swift song…
The owner of the wisp of hair probably went into the restroom…she’ll be out in a minute, wiping her hands on a paper towel…
The online girl is busy because she has a day-job, and free because she’s lonely just like you.
And the secret admirer… well, he just wants to stay secret because that’s all he has to offer…
The fact is, no mystery stays a mystery for long…. It’s not fair for us to always assume that the mystery in a relationship will guide us through our lives. The sooner we realise the real person behind the illusion, the sooner we accept…. and perhaps, fall in love….
The sooner the better…

Shrug off that mystery shroud.
Show your acceptance, proud!

The real deal.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

She stood up and cleared her throat…. The audience listened with rapt attention.

“When I was younger, I remember my “friends” telling me that I was a different person with some of them, and completely different with the others…. And that THAT made me “fake”…
Let me tell you, that hurt my child-like impressionable mind back then..
When I think about it now, of course, I realize that they were absolutely WRONG…
It didn’t make me FAKE… It made me more REAL.
I asked myself, “How can one be the same with everyone, when everyone is NOT the same with me?”
So my reactions to people are different. The way I speak to people is different. The way I receive critique from people is different….
I dunno, it’s probably the vibes… (big believer in vibes), or probably that secret non-judgmental first impression…Whatever be the cause, I’m DIFFERENT with DIFFERENT people….
I would perhaps be “fake” only if I had different reactions to what the same person said today, and yesterday…. or maybe that’s “change”… It’s ambiguous; I’ll give you that… Inconsistent even!
But me being different with different people is NOT being “fake”, people… It’s all me… Different me’s…They all integrate and make one giant me.
And THAT is my personality.”
She sat down to thunderous applause.