The real deal.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

She stood up and cleared her throat…. The audience listened with rapt attention.

“When I was younger, I remember my “friends” telling me that I was a different person with some of them, and completely different with the others…. And that THAT made me “fake”…
Let me tell you, that hurt my child-like impressionable mind back then..
When I think about it now, of course, I realize that they were absolutely WRONG…
It didn’t make me FAKE… It made me more REAL.
I asked myself, “How can one be the same with everyone, when everyone is NOT the same with me?”
So my reactions to people are different. The way I speak to people is different. The way I receive critique from people is different….
I dunno, it’s probably the vibes… (big believer in vibes), or probably that secret non-judgmental first impression…Whatever be the cause, I’m DIFFERENT with DIFFERENT people….
I would perhaps be “fake” only if I had different reactions to what the same person said today, and yesterday…. or maybe that’s “change”… It’s ambiguous; I’ll give you that… Inconsistent even!
But me being different with different people is NOT being “fake”, people… It’s all me… Different me’s…They all integrate and make one giant me.
And THAT is my personality.”
She sat down to thunderous applause.


2 thoughts on “The real deal.

  1. I agree. A one-size-fits-all reaction to everything and everyone would seem rather like a robot, or a mask – neither of which are real. I say let every facet of your personality sparkle. Your first and last sentences are delightfully sparkly. Bravo.


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