Mystery Makers…

Image courtesy of Source Link.
Image courtesy of Source Link.

Mystery, smoke and mirrors, the lady in the silvery dress flowing like mercury in the fog, against the moonlight, riding away on a black steed…
The wisp of auburn hair around the corner of the lockers in the hallway, and when you look, its owner is gone!
The girl you met online who is always not-too-busy yet not-too-free to reply every three days… what could she be up to?
The secret admirer who sends me roses… is he for real? What does he do? What glamour what drama!
But when the veils are lifted, all that fog vanishes and the mystery is over.
The lady in the dress on a horse is probably a stunt double in a Taylor Swift song…
The owner of the wisp of hair probably went into the restroom…she’ll be out in a minute, wiping her hands on a paper towel…
The online girl is busy because she has a day-job, and free because she’s lonely just like you.
And the secret admirer… well, he just wants to stay secret because that’s all he has to offer…
The fact is, no mystery stays a mystery for long…. It’s not fair for us to always assume that the mystery in a relationship will guide us through our lives. The sooner we realise the real person behind the illusion, the sooner we accept…. and perhaps, fall in love….
The sooner the better…

Shrug off that mystery shroud.
Show your acceptance, proud!


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