Nameless but NOT Meaningless…

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I’m glad there weren’t labels,
I’m glad there weren’t tags,
We loved till we were able,
And then you packed your bags…

I’m glad my heart is in one piece,
And it’s one day at a time for us,
Truth be told, this is a blessed peace,
From the bygone drama and fuss…

I’m glad this is going s.l.o.w,
And it is, what it is, in the end,
What happens next, I don’t know,
But I guarantee we’ll at least be friends…

I’m glad for this nameless adventure,
Blurred lines to sharp edges, preferred!
I would be glad to be part of your future,
But if I’m not, no love lost, no heart suffered.

Well, I’ll leave it at this now,
For fear of overstating my stand,
And go along with life somehow,
With the memory of that last kiss on my hand…


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