Image courtesy of Source Link.
Image courtesy of Source Link.

It’s the same old story,
That never skips a generation,
A tale not of guts or glory,
But of pressure and desperation…

A young girl at a party,
Who never wanted more than fun,
Is now looking for ways to score,
Take the edge off, and get some…

Maybe she forgot,
How to be natural and sincere,
She now tries not to get caught,
Between her shame and her fear…

No stint in any rehab,
No twelve fuckin step programme,
Is gonna get her life on track,
It’s all just a scheme, a sham…

She’d read it a thousand times,
She’d seen a thousand cases,
But she never thought she’d be,
One among those thousand faces…

She saw herself slip,
An avalanche and a landslide,
What’s the point if it’s too late,
To get off that awful ride?

I heard she’s trying sobriety,
I doubt she’ll resist temptation,
It’ll just take one more party,
It never skips a generation…


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