The Gold Digger…

Image courtesy of Source Link
Image courtesy of Source Link

He brought the wide-eyed but sure-footed girl back to his penthouse in the city. He could tell that she loved the fine life and she was awed by the wealth he had amassed…. And as the two of them “snuggled down” under blankets, in front of the gargantuan fire place, he looked deep into her eyes and asked …
“Temme me, darlin’…. are you marrying me because of all this money? Be honest now…. ”
He could feel her heart beating fast. She took her time to answer… he supposed she was trying to sound sincere as she said how much she didn’t care about the money…
But he wasn’t prepared when she said “Of COURSE I’m marrying you because of the money.”
A moment of awkward silence as he pulled on his shirt and prepared to stand up…
“But what’s wrong about that?” she quipped.
Oh how dare she! First she TELLS him she’s a gold digger and then she ASKS him what’s wrong about it.
He glared at her, unforgiving!
And she started back, unflinching…
“Yeah, you heard me. I think what you have done for yourself is amazing. You are the poster child for rags to riches and you did that all by yourself. Your business is a booming success and you expect me NOT to be attracted by that kind of drive? So yes, of course I am marrying you BECAUSE of the money… But I’m NOT marrying the money.”
A slow understanding smile spread across his tan face…
She was one complicated lady, this one! And she was a keeper.


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