Rant (1 of 50,000)

Image courtesy Pixabay.com. Source Link.
Image courtesy Pixabay.com. Source Link.

She starts yelling at me,
But it sounds like gurgling underwater,
She says I ought to learn,
How to be a perfect daughter,
I get under my covers,
It’s twelve in the afternoon,
I can hear my brain buzzing,
Like mosquitoes in a sweaty room,
Work is just a Sunday away,
There’s a lot to be desired there,
Cafeteria food’s as good,
As congress grass to a grizzly bear,
Aargh, there’s such a lot to do,
Presentations for the client,
My head needs a jumper cable,
The viscous lethargy is defiant!
Traffic is another thing,
God, someone air lift me out!
I’m sitting, balling fists in here,
Company bus, can’t scream, can’t shout,
Takes an hour or two this travel,
Ain’t  no picnic, fourteen hour shifts,
Got no life on weekdays have I?
Coz I come back home, tired as shit.
The golden egg, there is but one!
It’s a Friday even-ing,
Becky Black put an end to that,
With that automatonic droning,
Now I swear to god,
Someone take this life of mine,
Live it, love it, use it well,
Return it when I’m ninety nine.

(Disclaimer: This piece is a fun-rant and is not aimed at discrediting or hurting any individuals.)


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