Image courtesy Source Link.
Image courtesy Source Link.

Verse 1:

Blue as a smurf,
Lone as a love song,
Down in the dumps am I…
Who ever knew, that one day the rock I was, would find it so easy to cry…

Cold as a snowflake,
Frail as a moth,
Forsaken and torn am I…
Who ever knew, the stalwart I once was, would find it so easy to sigh…

Damned as a sinner,
Ripped as a carcass,
Lost and forgotten am I…
Who ever knew, the Minotaur that I once was, would find it so easy to die…

Verse 2:

When jarring music soothes my soul,
And high speed crashes fill that hole,
I know that something dark is born,
Sinister, rancid and forlorn.

The festering beast doth rise within,
The unholy child of wrath and sin,
It has no warmth, it has no heat,
It suckles on the devil’s teat.

Insatiable hunger, it doth possess,
For anger, hatred and distress,
It will not stop till hope is lost,
Till every heart is trapped in frost.

It stings, it hurts, it bleeds, it burns,
It rips, it writhes, it twists, and turns,
It cuts, it sears, it claws, it tears,
Putrid venomous teeth is bares.

Betrothed to angst and agony,
Love is its greatest enemy,
The offspring screams in pangs of pain,
At thoughts of warm summer’s rain.

Pounding, pounding in my head,
The beast’s in me, oh strike me dead!
Resounding thunder blows my mind,
Kill me now, kill me be kind!

There’s no respite, there is no cure,
I’m stuck in anguish for sure, for sure,
Living hurts and breathing sucks,
Can’t kill myself, oh WTF!

Trying to stop, but the pen just glides,
On tear splashed pages it slips and slides,
My nerves rubbed raw & my gut, wrenched,
Vestiges of my heart, blood drenched.

Soaked in sweat, bathed in loss,
The only relief I shall come across,
Is the beast to consume me, full and whole,
Chew up my heart and spit out my soul…

Verse 3:

Underneath the perfect snow,
Beneath the soil beneath the rocks,
There’s a seed waiting to grow,
Blossoming into red, red shock.

It brings doom on those who see it,
And on those who smell it, it brings death,
And god help those who try to touch it,
A fate far worse than that of Macbeth.

Supply it water, and watch it wilt,
Water it with tears and it will blossom,
Water it with blood, fresh from a slit,
And watch it beam, bright and wholesome.

Winter’s child it thrives in sleet,
Red, so red, it draws one close,
It sucks away the breath you breathe,
Feel the icy smoke waft to your nose.

Kill it now before it bears fruit,
But how do you destroy it?
When you cannot use force or brute?
How do you destroy it?

Embrace it, love it, feed it joy,
Douse it with that which hurts it most,
Love its fault and its folly,
Love the thorn and not the rose.

Verse 4:

Don’t mistake my tolerance for my acceptance,
Don’t mistake my tenacity for my vengeance,

And I won’t ever barter self-respect,
If that’s what you’ve come to expect,
You shall then be in deep regret,
For though I forgive, I won’t forget.

You say something, you mean some other
You do one thing, and believe in another,

You’re an organized mess and you roped me in,
To carry all your burdens with grins.

Bear it I will, to the end of the world,
If you will pledge me your soul,
You want mine, in its place? It’s yours!
There’s nothing more fortuitous in the universe.

But mark my word, you shook me apart,
Dragged me down and left me torn,
I lay dying in the sands of memories,
With no one to cry and no one to mourn.


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