Recipe for a monster:

Image courtesy Source Link.
Image courtesy Source Link.

Providence lend me some of your magic,
To bring to this world, something hypnotic,
I’ll make a being, divine and beguiling,
Eyes of the ocean, heart warm and loving,
Hands soft and gentle, but touch like cold fire,
An air that excites me, and lifts my spirit higher,
Legs strong and tawny, sinew throbbing through skin,
with every foot-fall, hearts beat faster within.
Mind swift as lightning, strong focus daunting,
A gaze penetrating, a fragrance so haunting.
One who is strong, but not superhuman,
One who is famous, yet, knows no one,
No man or woman will ever measure up  –
– to my creation, no they won’t measure up.
One who has calm etched on the face,
In a sea of chaos, maintains charm, maintains grace.
With a voice set apart from the rest that you hear,
Like a gushing waterfall in the desert of your ear.
Yes, I’ll make a monster, but one that’s beloved,
I’ll make a model, that the world will now covet.
But near the thudding heart, I’ll have to leave a hole,
Coz i can make a head and body, but I can’t make a soul.


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