Steadfast Soldier

Image courtesy Source Link.
Image courtesy Source Link.

Let them say what they want to,
You and I, we know the truth,
Let’s not care, just do what we do,
You and I, we know the truth.

Let them stare, let them glare,
Let them whisper behind our backs,
They don’t know what we share,
Their loose tongues will always wag.

A pure and clean bright friendship,
Seems unbearable to most,
There are those who can’t digest it,
Steer clear and away from such folk.

Don’t let their poison into your vein,
Don’t let them bite your ear,
Don’t let their evil into your brain,
Don’t let their chill get near.

Let not the world define us,
Drive a wedge and divide us,
Let’s show ‘em we’re made of sterner stuff,
Enough really IS enough.

It’s strange how wickedness works,
No reason for the haters to hate,
But they still do, they act like jerks,
This is life, this is fortune, this is fate.

It’s testing our steel resolve,
It’s making us work for our keep,
It’ll make an innocent dream evolve,
Into a nightmare when we sleep.

But I can see you buckle, old friend,
I can see you struggle under the weight,
I see a chink in the armor,
A bend in the beam that was once straight.

I won’t judge you & I never will,
I wish that your steps would not falter,
But, if you fall, I’ll keep standing still,
Just like a steadfast soldier.


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