The peach schnapps song.

A lot of you have heard the ‘Cuppy Cake’ song…. (In case you haven’t, youtube it.) It’s this ‘Sweet-nothings’ song sung by a wee li’ll kid that just makes you wanna cry of cuteness overkill… Naturally, it was a bit too sweet for me…. So I decided to try my hand at spoofing….
Enough talk! Here goes… (P.S. Sing to the tune of Cuppy Cake Song.)

Image courtesy Source Link.
Image courtesy Source Link.

“You’re my Honey mead, Shandy float,
Sparkling Champagne,
Lucy in the sky…

You’re my Cognac, Grey Goose,
Schweppes Tonic & Gin,
An Apple Martini Dry…

And I love you so,
And I want you to know,
That I’ll always be right here…

And I love to pour,
These drinks for you,
And make your vision blur!”



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