The Coffee Song.

I gave up coffee about a year ago….Just like that…. But back when coffee was my ambrosia, I wrote this little number…. Dedicated to ALL the COFFEE LOVERS out there!

Image courtesy Source Link.
Image courtesy Source Link.

Shaky desk, blurry screen,
Time to stop, tapping caffeine,

Nervous fingers, fidgety toes,
All coz I had four cups of jo.

Frozen fire, burning water,
A dozen cups, turning hotter,

Sweaty palms, watering eyes,
Innards with a nasty surprise,

Aching head, throbbing head,
You feel like the living dead.

Coffee devil sweet u taste,
Call my name, I’ll come in haste,

I can’t leave you, I can’t quit,
I can’t seem to quietly sit,

Need another, for my stress, oh!
Mocha, latte, or espresso,

Turkish grande, cappuccino,
Frothy creamy frappechino,

Fill me with your good long brew,
Kill me with your caffeine crew.

Even when I’m on the bend,
I’ll take a cuppa till the end!!


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