Help her? Or help himself?

Image courtesy Source Link.
Image courtesy Source Link.

While they waited for their cab, he looked at her as she struggled with her designer laptop bag, her Tupperware lunch bag, and her huge pink tote with a rainbow motif. Her whole world was probably in that pink bag, he wondered. And, she – being a petite creature of fairytale folklore – could have fit in the bag herself!

“Time to be macho”, a sly smile grew on his rascally face.
“A small thing like you can’t lift ALL that. I’ll help you.” And he reached to pick up the laptop bag.
It looked great in his hands. Tan leather with brass embellishments.
Exquisite! Such a bag ought to really belong to a guy like him; suave and smooth with the ladies and living on ice and bling and parties, working just to make more money to spend.
And before he could revel in his reverie, the bag was yanked out from his hands.
“Do you really wanna help me with my stuff?” she asked, much to his arrogant surprise.
“Here! You can carry this then.”
And she pushed her pink rainbow bag into his arms, swung her laptop on her shoulder and scurried off towards the cab.