Et tu, Brute?

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When a foe betrays you, you may not forgive, but you do not expect any better.

But when a ‘friend’ betrays you, you will never forget the feeling of being gently and almost caressingly led to the lion’s den….and you follow blindly….and happily….because you don’t know any better.



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Image courtesy of Source Link.

“To unmeet you would be my greatest joy,
For all you’ve caused me is pain,
To undo what you’ve done to me boy,
For I have come undone in vain…

To unkiss my day-dreaming goodbye,
And bring back those banal emotions,
Rather than on waves ride high,
Unfurling the Crimson colours of passion…

To unlove would be a relief!
I’ve fallen in love with love itself,
The demise of it causes me no grief,
And unending will be thy epitaph…

To unsavour your savoury lies,
Of promises you have unkept,
I’d like to turn back the hands of time,
And unweep the tears that I wept…

To unremember those golden memories,
That choke me now when I sleep,
You’ve unleashed dark and the terror,
On the peace that I once used to keep.”

First Dates

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Image courtesy of Source Link.

A little awkwardness,
A little nervousness,
A dash of hesitance,
A dollop of impatience,
A show of indifference,
A stab at dominance,
A bit of expectation,
A bushel of acceptance,
Some guards up,
And some guards down,
Some thoughts that go,
Around and around and around,
Knowing that exact moment,
When love took over all,
Easing your mind of its torment,
And preparing to gently fall.

Heart (part 1 of 2)

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Image courtesy of Source Link.


Wrung out,



Cracked and Jaded,

Bruised and Scratched,

Battered and Dented,


Bullet riddled,




Derelict and Desolate,

Decrepit and Isolated,

Bent and Broken,

Blue and Choking,



Scorched and Tormented,

Scared and Demented,


Drowned and Disillusioned,

Drenched and Deflated,

Hurt and Mistreated,

Blackened and Bleeded,

Acid attacked,

Tarred and Feathered,

Relentlessly Beaten,

Starved and Tethered,

Blinded and Guillotined,

Stretched and Trampolined,

Lynched and Garroted,

Handcuffed, Stripped and Paraded,

Chewed, Digested, Retched and Regurgitated.

Forever for Animals.

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Image courtesy of Source Link.

Leave me in a stable,
Watching over horses,
I will feed them sugar cubes,
Take them out to pasture.

Leave me in a kennel,
Watching over doggies,
I will feed them milk bones,
Take them out for walkies.

Leave me at the shelter,
Playing with the kittens,
I will cuddle the naughty things,
Balls of yarn will be befittin’

Leave me at the barnyard,
Watching all the cows graze,
I will look at those gentle eyes,
Forever bestowed with benign gaze.

Oh my animal friends,
Whose souls lay so untarnished,
Why doesn’t man take after you,
Why has his compassion vanished?

Just leave me with this lot,
My sallow cheeks will turn to rose,
When Bessie moos softly,
And Ginger nudges me with his nose.

I’ll be content with this lot,
Don’t think I need more than this!
The love that I will get here,
Oh humanity, you shall NOT be missed.

Another conflicted poem…

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Image courtesy of Source Link.

Crying in the shower,
Laughing at a funeral,
Emotions on a land-slide,
Time is immaterial.

Everything sets her off,
Everything rubbed so raw,
Mind flimsy as a gossamer string-
-Holding close a crocodile’s jaw.

Oh god, the girl needs therapy,
Oh god she needs some now!
Before she throws a fit,
Before she has a cow!

Something tells her it’s useless,
Another failure under her belt,
How can she hope to look up,
When the hail stones want to pelt?

She’s a strong one, that,
She’s been through more,
But every now and then,
Her body washes up on the shore.

‘This is the last time’ she says,
Every time she puts herself out there,
Here’s raising a toast to all of those-
– ‘Last times’ she’s got to spare.