Forever for Animals.

Image courtesy of Source Link.
Image courtesy of Source Link.

Leave me in a stable,
Watching over horses,
I will feed them sugar cubes,
Take them out to pasture.

Leave me in a kennel,
Watching over doggies,
I will feed them milk bones,
Take them out for walkies.

Leave me at the shelter,
Playing with the kittens,
I will cuddle the naughty things,
Balls of yarn will be befittin’

Leave me at the barnyard,
Watching all the cows graze,
I will look at those gentle eyes,
Forever bestowed with benign gaze.

Oh my animal friends,
Whose souls lay so untarnished,
Why doesn’t man take after you,
Why has his compassion vanished?

Just leave me with this lot,
My sallow cheeks will turn to rose,
When Bessie moos softly,
And Ginger nudges me with his nose.

I’ll be content with this lot,
Don’t think I need more than this!
The love that I will get here,
Oh humanity, you shall NOT be missed.


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