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A cry for help,

Unnoticed, unheard,

Disguised as bad attitude,

Bridges that were burned

No one cared,

With worries of their own,

None came to help,

Left naked and alone

Lived on facebook,

Sustained on likes,

Made a lot of “friends”

But more enemies on the side

Life became a web,

She was a bug on the line,

In a weird chess game,

Caught from time to time

Didn’t seek help,

Didn’t know how,

Big strong voice of sunshine,

Silent in shadows now

A little cry for help,

Escapes her lips now and then,

But with all the bridges burned,

She has none to call as “friend”

Everything sets her off,

Skittish as a kitten,

Her brain once so bright,

Into pulp is beaten

No grasp of reality,

No clue on how to react,

Body goes into shock,

Heart goes into attack

Hanging in limbo,

Neither dead nor alive,

Decrepit mind which was-

Once as busy as a hive.

No blessed peace,

Just an aching in her being,

She shut her eyes tight,

But the tears still keep on streaming

Drew her knees close,

As close as they would come,

At least her body was real,

Her mind had gone so numb

Not a squeak to spare,

No opinions to share,

Just a puppet in her own life,

But she was no longer there…







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