Cereal Boyfriend

Image courtesy, pixabay.com

Corn Flakes and you,
Both taste the same,
A rose smells as sweet,
By any other name..


Once, twice, four times,
You played the same game,
My stupid unruly feelings,
I couldn’t but tame.


Crunchy munchy goodness,
You promised to be,
But when i supplied the milk,
You turned out pretty soggy,


Saying that you’re busy,
Tired, unwell, hungry,
But when you wanted to chase me,
Time you had, a-plenty!


Think i ought to change,
The brand i usually buy,
I think i ought to change,
My stereotypical guy,


For superficial reasons,
We found each other HOT!
But baby, the thing about cereal,
Is the crack, the fizzle and pop.


You seldom have it for dinner,
it’s out of your mind by nine,
And the bowl is washed and stowed,
Till tomorrow’s breakfast time.


Just a sugar rush you are,
Just a temporary high,
And once i have been spent,
I’m left up high and dry.


Thank you i suppose,
For making me realise,
That you’re just a box of glucose,
And you don’t come with a prize


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