Little Lemonade Girl

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Little Lemonade girl,
Set up in a sunny spot,
Sitting on the curb side,
Watching what little girls should not.


There’s the neighborhood boy,
Taking a stone to pelt a dog,
There’s the local hoodlum,
Selling baggies full of pot.


There’s a big parked car,
Shaking from side to side,
And the drunken deadbeat dad,
Who’ll whip your little hide.


There was the thieving watchman,
Who stole from the till at night,
Come morning, he would lie,
To the widow owner with weak sight.


There was the little brown cat,
Tied by the tail to the rail,
While nasty rascals sharpened knives,
To cause pain and to impale.


There was the open window,
Through which came muffled screams,
Dull thuds and dragging sounds,
Though none lived there, it seems.


There was the cruel grey world,
Unmerciful and without repose,
But little lemonade girl,
Stood steadfast in her cause.


As she packed her wares,
As evening had come about,
A lanky shaky shadow came,
And stretched his bony hand out.


Upon it sat some candy,
Looking innocent as can be,
Sparkling in the twilight rays,
The colour of amber honey.


Tempted by the glossy treat,
She moved to accept the offer,
In a trice she was gagged and gone,
And that was the last we heard of her.


The Real Slim Crazy

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(Sing in tune to “Real slim shady”)

Will the loud co-workers,

Please shut up? Please shut up? Please shut up?


Ya’ll act like you’re the only one with a microphone,

Jaws on the desk flapping and flapping your gums some more,

And started screaming loud over the phone,

You first were a bore, now you’re a vocal w****

It’s the return of the wilhelm scream,

“You didn’t just ear rape me now, did ye?”

And my doctor said,

“Nothing you idiot, your ear drum has a tear, you can’t even hear straight!”

Then there’s this woman who’s gossiping,

“My husband, I’m done with him

Look at him, not walkin the dog or lending a hand with this or that,

Slipping in dog poo.” “Yeah, but he’s good for something though!”

“Yeah, he screws in all the bulbs but blows a fuse

But no worse than what my sister and her husband go through!

Sometimes she wants to watch a soap on TV and just let loose but can’t

But it’s cool for him to watch sports from dawn till noon

Her rum is on her lips, her rum is on her lips,

And If she’s lucky, this time she might just not slip,

That’s the message she delivers to her little kids,

Expects them not to know what A.Anonymous is.

Of course they’re gonna wanna know how to take shots, and not go out and play

They’ve got social media with no parent control, don’t they?”

We ain’t nothing but annoyed employees, well some of us are on contract,

Who’re so down on the ladder we can’t see nothin but a*******.

But if we can hear your crappy talk and boring news,

There’s no reason for me not to try and judge your use,

But if you feel like you’ve gotta speak, I’ve the antidote,

Think of all the s*** i’ve learned about you splashed on bulletin boards.

The complaint.

Right. So sometimes I just want to tell the world to “stop fucking with me…just…stop!”

I’ve had it with the wars, terror, famine, poverty, pollution, nuclear threats, dictatorship, civil strikes, unaccountability.

I’ve also had it with nagging neighbors, the salesmen who call at odd hours, the self proclaimed do-gooders, the friends without any benefits, the therapy and the pills, the gossip, the tattle-taling, the hostility and animosity, the running around, the picking-yourself-up…

Dear soul…. The time really is NOW for a CPR, but I doubt you’ll pull through…


Are you a v****–?

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I really really like you,
And there’s something I need to know,
It’s very important to me,
So I’m gonna ask, here goes…

We’ve invested thought and time,
I’m ready to invest more,
But there’s something I value a lot,
I’m sorry I didn’t clear it before…

You hold that valuable key,
That unlocks my heart and my soul,
But darling, before I give myself,
Tell me…. Are you a VIRGO?

Et tu, Brute?

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When a foe betrays you, you may not forgive, but you do not expect any better.

But when a ‘friend’ betrays you, you will never forget the feeling of being gently and almost caressingly led to the lion’s den….and you follow blindly….and happily….because you don’t know any better.

First Dates

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Image courtesy of Source Link.

A little awkwardness,
A little nervousness,
A dash of hesitance,
A dollop of impatience,
A show of indifference,
A stab at dominance,
A bit of expectation,
A bushel of acceptance,
Some guards up,
And some guards down,
Some thoughts that go,
Around and around and around,
Knowing that exact moment,
When love took over all,
Easing your mind of its torment,
And preparing to gently fall.