Little Lemonade Girl

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Little Lemonade girl,
Set up in a sunny spot,
Sitting on the curb side,
Watching what little girls should not.


There’s the neighborhood boy,
Taking a stone to pelt a dog,
There’s the local hoodlum,
Selling baggies full of pot.


There’s a big parked car,
Shaking from side to side,
And the drunken deadbeat dad,
Who’ll whip your little hide.


There was the thieving watchman,
Who stole from the till at night,
Come morning, he would lie,
To the widow owner with weak sight.


There was the little brown cat,
Tied by the tail to the rail,
While nasty rascals sharpened knives,
To cause pain and to impale.


There was the open window,
Through which came muffled screams,
Dull thuds and dragging sounds,
Though none lived there, it seems.


There was the cruel grey world,
Unmerciful and without repose,
But little lemonade girl,
Stood steadfast in her cause.


As she packed her wares,
As evening had come about,
A lanky shaky shadow came,
And stretched his bony hand out.


Upon it sat some candy,
Looking innocent as can be,
Sparkling in the twilight rays,
The colour of amber honey.


Tempted by the glossy treat,
She moved to accept the offer,
In a trice she was gagged and gone,
And that was the last we heard of her.


Cereal Boyfriend

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Corn Flakes and you,
Both taste the same,
A rose smells as sweet,
By any other name..


Once, twice, four times,
You played the same game,
My stupid unruly feelings,
I couldn’t but tame.


Crunchy munchy goodness,
You promised to be,
But when i supplied the milk,
You turned out pretty soggy,


Saying that you’re busy,
Tired, unwell, hungry,
But when you wanted to chase me,
Time you had, a-plenty!


Think i ought to change,
The brand i usually buy,
I think i ought to change,
My stereotypical guy,


For superficial reasons,
We found each other HOT!
But baby, the thing about cereal,
Is the crack, the fizzle and pop.


You seldom have it for dinner,
it’s out of your mind by nine,
And the bowl is washed and stowed,
Till tomorrow’s breakfast time.


Just a sugar rush you are,
Just a temporary high,
And once i have been spent,
I’m left up high and dry.


Thank you i suppose,
For making me realise,
That you’re just a box of glucose,
And you don’t come with a prize

Are you a v****–?

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I really really like you,
And there’s something I need to know,
It’s very important to me,
So I’m gonna ask, here goes…

We’ve invested thought and time,
I’m ready to invest more,
But there’s something I value a lot,
I’m sorry I didn’t clear it before…

You hold that valuable key,
That unlocks my heart and my soul,
But darling, before I give myself,
Tell me…. Are you a VIRGO?

In your corner


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Who do you have in your corner,
Telling you you’re gonna win?
You sure that the guy in the corner,
Isn’t pushing you into the ring?

Will he catch all of your stray tears,
When you’ve fought and you’ve lost the match?
And you are just limping towards him,
If you fall, do you think he’ll catch?

What If the gloves were on his wrists,
Would you push him to his death?
Would you be his cast in the plaster,
Support him when he’s a mess?

If you have a man in your corner,
Keeping you away from the fight,
Hold him very close to your life,
His kinship will lead you to light.


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A cry for help,

Unnoticed, unheard,

Disguised as bad attitude,

Bridges that were burned

No one cared,

With worries of their own,

None came to help,

Left naked and alone

Lived on facebook,

Sustained on likes,

Made a lot of “friends”

But more enemies on the side

Life became a web,

She was a bug on the line,

In a weird chess game,

Caught from time to time

Didn’t seek help,

Didn’t know how,

Big strong voice of sunshine,

Silent in shadows now

A little cry for help,

Escapes her lips now and then,

But with all the bridges burned,

She has none to call as “friend”

Everything sets her off,

Skittish as a kitten,

Her brain once so bright,

Into pulp is beaten

No grasp of reality,

No clue on how to react,

Body goes into shock,

Heart goes into attack

Hanging in limbo,

Neither dead nor alive,

Decrepit mind which was-

Once as busy as a hive.

No blessed peace,

Just an aching in her being,

She shut her eyes tight,

But the tears still keep on streaming

Drew her knees close,

As close as they would come,

At least her body was real,

Her mind had gone so numb

Not a squeak to spare,

No opinions to share,

Just a puppet in her own life,

But she was no longer there…







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“To unmeet you would be my greatest joy,
For all you’ve caused me is pain,
To undo what you’ve done to me boy,
For I have come undone in vain…

To unkiss my day-dreaming goodbye,
And bring back those banal emotions,
Rather than on waves ride high,
Unfurling the Crimson colours of passion…

To unlove would be a relief!
I’ve fallen in love with love itself,
The demise of it causes me no grief,
And unending will be thy epitaph…

To unsavour your savoury lies,
Of promises you have unkept,
I’d like to turn back the hands of time,
And unweep the tears that I wept…

To unremember those golden memories,
That choke me now when I sleep,
You’ve unleashed dark and the terror,
On the peace that I once used to keep.”

First Dates

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A little awkwardness,
A little nervousness,
A dash of hesitance,
A dollop of impatience,
A show of indifference,
A stab at dominance,
A bit of expectation,
A bushel of acceptance,
Some guards up,
And some guards down,
Some thoughts that go,
Around and around and around,
Knowing that exact moment,
When love took over all,
Easing your mind of its torment,
And preparing to gently fall.