The complaint.

Right. So sometimes I just want to tell the world to “stop fucking with me…just…stop!”

I’ve had it with the wars, terror, famine, poverty, pollution, nuclear threats, dictatorship, civil strikes, unaccountability.

I’ve also had it with nagging neighbors, the salesmen who call at odd hours, the self proclaimed do-gooders, the friends without any benefits, the therapy and the pills, the gossip, the tattle-taling, the hostility and animosity, the running around, the picking-yourself-up…

Dear soul…. The time really is NOW for a CPR, but I doubt you’ll pull through…



To the finish! ….. if ever there is one.

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Image courtesy Source Link.

First, it was the Arms Race.
Then the Energy Race.
Then the Information Race.
And now we’re smack in the middle of an
Opinion Race“… Who can make the best meme? Who can say the nastiest things?!

Heart (part 1 of 2)

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Image courtesy of Source Link.


Wrung out,



Cracked and Jaded,

Bruised and Scratched,

Battered and Dented,


Bullet riddled,




Derelict and Desolate,

Decrepit and Isolated,

Bent and Broken,

Blue and Choking,



Scorched and Tormented,

Scared and Demented,


Drowned and Disillusioned,

Drenched and Deflated,

Hurt and Mistreated,

Blackened and Bleeded,

Acid attacked,

Tarred and Feathered,

Relentlessly Beaten,

Starved and Tethered,

Blinded and Guillotined,

Stretched and Trampolined,

Lynched and Garroted,

Handcuffed, Stripped and Paraded,

Chewed, Digested, Retched and Regurgitated.

De-feminizing ray…

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Image courtesy Source Link.

I feel less than human…. All I’ve known all these years is how to be a woman. Act ‘lady-like’, be poised, be graceful… Develop feminine traits, art, charm…

I can’t tell if that’s what I really am, or if that is what I have become.

I can’t tell if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. It has never helped nor hurt.

But now, the world is not ONLY about empowering women being trodden on….

It’s about empowering ALL the down-trodden of this planet.

Men and women alike.

So….is feeling bad for my state, typically female? Or just human? So misconstrued.
Take away that which has always been a part of me…. Femininity.

So now, I am not a woman…. I don’t know what else to be. Should I feel bad about it? Or good? Should I call myself ‘Feminist’? Or should I be made to feel bad that I think I am one?

I wish I knew what to feel… rather than feeling nothing at all. Is it this nothingness that fuels a revolution? The need for direction and belonging?

This de-glamourized asexual feeling … Is it the fourth gender? Am I a pioneer?

Or am I just circling the drain?

What do I do with my lipsticks and mascaras now? What do I do with ties and belts?

What happens when the ‘down-trodden’ men and women start gaining power that goes to their heads? Will the stronger ones force the weaker ones into submission?

Will those stronger ones be men, since they are biologically built thus?

Is it just a cycle waiting to turn again…. are we just in the middle of a feminist ice-age? Or is it like a wave that pushes forward two steps but retracts one?

Will I live long enough to see what happens in the end….if there is an end….

I wonder.

The peach schnapps song.

A lot of you have heard the ‘Cuppy Cake’ song…. (In case you haven’t, youtube it.) It’s this ‘Sweet-nothings’ song sung by a wee li’ll kid that just makes you wanna cry of cuteness overkill… Naturally, it was a bit too sweet for me…. So I decided to try my hand at spoofing….
Enough talk! Here goes… (P.S. Sing to the tune of Cuppy Cake Song.)

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Image courtesy Source Link.

“You’re my Honey mead, Shandy float,
Sparkling Champagne,
Lucy in the sky…

You’re my Cognac, Grey Goose,
Schweppes Tonic & Gin,
An Apple Martini Dry…

And I love you so,
And I want you to know,
That I’ll always be right here…

And I love to pour,
These drinks for you,
And make your vision blur!”